My husband grew up with Great Danes. We met in 1972 and through his excitement of the breed we got our first Great Dane and named him Stanley.  Everyone  thought we were crazy. We lived on the 20th floor of a high rise in Hyde Park, Illinois that had 2 bedrooms, a small living room, one bathroom and a galley kitchen.  My mother said that dog is going to be huge and needs space. What people don't realize is they are not hyper dogs and like to be by you. The funny part was the look on peoples faces when we had to go in the elevator 20 floors down for him to go to the bathroom. People would ask, "can he wait that long"? My typical answer was "I sure hope so". He never once had an accident. It wasn't until 2004 that we thought about getting another great dane. We moved to the country in 2000 onto 10 acres and brought home our next Great Dane that we purchased in Missouri. He was 8 weeks old black with  a white chest. He became Stanley #2. We decided Stanley needed a wife and drove to Kentucky to get Nicky from someone that became instrumental in me becoming a breeder. Patty and I are still friends and through her excitement, passion for the breed and teachings we started breeding. Here we are 14 years later still breeding and loving it. We own 6 Great Danes and each one of them is intelligent, gentle and sweet and still have their own personality. I wouldn't change my life for anything. This city girl is all country.


Nicky is our oldest Great Dane. She will be 13 in November 2017. We bought her from Kentucky when she was 8 weeks old. The breeder that we bought her from was my mentor Patty. She was instrumental in getting me started with breeding. I'm so happy that after all these years we continued our friendship. Nicky although almost 13 runs around like she is 2. She has had 36 puppies in her life and continues to help nurture the pups when another female has a litter. 

She is extremely intelligent and loves to show off her ability at catching cheese balls that are thrown to her. 


Bart was 9 this year. He was born here and his mother is Nicky and his father was Stanley who unfortunately was killed by a truck at the age of 3. We were devastated.  He died the night Bart was born. It was Nicky's last litter. Bart is the largest Great Dane we have ever had. He weighs 200 pounds and is solid muscle. He is sweet and gentle and still listens to his mother Nicky.  We kept Bart from that litter because he looked so much like his dad and even though his dad was very tall and well built Bart was the runt in the litter. That's why I tell people being the runt means nothing...look at Bart.


Coalton is from Kansas City, Missouri. We brought him home at 8 weeks of age. He is very bright and sweet and has a magnificent black shiny coat. He is great with children and adults. One of the cutest things about him is he would rather be pet and hugged than eat. He is solid black with fantastic bright eyes and turns his head from side to side when you talk to him. His gentle nature has made him into one of the best stud dogs I have ever seen. Coalton was 6 this year. He is a leaner and makes it impossible to get a picture of him standing up straight. Just wants to get as close as possible to you. That's my boy!


Sadie will be 5 in February 2018. I call her my baby. She follows me around and constantly when walking with her she is looking up at me to see what I want her to do. She is definitely show quality. She has a kind nature, loves everyone, very inquisitive and knows who belongs here and who doesn't. She has this ability to read my mind and understand everything asked of her.

We bought her from up in Michigan at 8 weeks old. She is a beautiful blue who is retired now from breeding. She had 4 litters of beautiful pups including in her last litter a set of identical twins that our vet said that she never experienced when doing  a c-section. Two pups attached by 1 cord in 1 sack. Her litters of 15 to 16 pups each litter was unbelievable. Superior breeding at its best!


Harle is a large beauty. I brought her home when she was 8 weeks old from Iowa. She is a large alpha Harlequin who is very protective of her family. She will be 3 years old November 7th and weighs 165 pounds. Danes are easy to train and she was no exception. They respond well to praise. A Great Dane lives and breathes to please you. That is their main objective.

Harle had her second litter November 18th. Her U/S was October 22nd. It  was hard to see how many pups she was having because they were so active but somewhere between 10 and 12. Are you ready for this? She had 18. 10 girls and 8 boys. I deliver them myself normally. This time we decided on a C-Section because her x-ray 5 days before they were born was showing 16 pups. She is a wonderful mother. The sire for this litter is Coalton.

Harle will be having her 3rd litter July 20th, 2018. She was matched up perfectly with Harley who is the best stud dog we have ever had. We decided after the genetic tests were back that these two would be  a perfect match. This is a much anticipated litter. They were matched up for size, temperament and intelligence. We can't wait to see this litter. The pregnancy U/S shows another large litter....16ish. She has a pregnancy X-Ray this Friday the 13th of July in the morning when we will have a better count and see how they are lined up. We will decide Friday if it will be a c-section or a home delivery. I will always do what is best for our female. Both male and female are 165 pounds and very large boned. Both are extremely intelligent and great temperament.


Harley is a fawn male with a black mask that we brought home at 8 weeks of age in May of 2016. He is 66% Euro and has Championship blood lines. He is the son of Raphael of Island Dream.

We named him Harley after our fawn female that died during a routine spay a several years ago. The vet we were using at that time cut an artery and closed her up. By the time they realized what happened it was too late. One of the saddest days of my life. 

I decided on a male this time and after researching breeders we found a wonderful breeder in St Joe, Indiana who shared my passion for professional breeding.

Harley previously sired two litters of beautiful pups. He is  2 years  old and weighs 165 pounds. He is a very large boy and still a pup himself. He is sweet and lovable and I need a bigger lap to hold him on. He can't get any closer to me then he does but he tries. I can never get enough of him. As you can see he is fascinated by the TV. Harley sired the July 2018 liter which is due July 20th...also my birthday. Our vet, Dr Trudeau, said it looks like I will be receiving about 16 presents for my birthday. YIKES, Harley is one of the best stud dogs we have ever had. He is patient and sweet and knows how to wine and dine them.

Harley now has sired his third litter and Harle is the dam. This is Harle's third litter but the first with Harley.

They were matched up perfectly and bred for Size, temperament and intelligence. We are very excited about this match-up. We can't wait to see what they will have.