We wanted to share with you some of the kind words we have received over the years.

I wanted to write a few words. Diane is a wonderful lady I'm blessed to know. She is a professional and has years of experience with Great Danes. One of her many qualities is that she is an honest and caring person/breeder. There is only  a handful of breeders I would ever refer anyone to and Diane is on the top of that small list. Not all dog breeds are the same and the same can be said about breeders. If you came to this web site you are looking at owing a Dane one of the best dogs ever. Great Danes have beena huge part of my life and I'm sure will also be a wonderful addition to ours. Please make sure your new puppy to be has thebest start in life. It starts with the breeder. Diane has found the best parents starting with health, temperament and bloodlines. After the puppies are born the work really begins. Many hours go into helping the Mom care for her babies. Diane makes sure all are fed and clean. Let me say again CLEAN. I can't stress enough how it matters to have a healthy and clean start in life. If all breeders were like Diane and they had the support of family and friends like she does our choices would be simple but they are not so take your time finding the right puppy, the right breeder and make sure you ask questions and I know you will find your answers and new fur family member at The Official Beecher Danes Breeding. Diane has the honor of offering you a wonderful, happy and healthy puppy. The rest is up to you. But don't worry if you need anything she is only a call or an email away.

Patricia Simmons

Owner, KY's Best Farm

A little over three years ago my daughter, Alexis and I were looking into buying a Great Dane puppy from a breeder in Illinois. That's when I met Diane. I emailed her and we became instant friends! I always knew I wanted to have a Great Dane someday, but was a little apprehensive about whether or not this was the right time for me to get a puppy or not.

Without telling me what to do, Diane immediately put me at ease and answered all of my questions. She welcomed me into her home whenever I wanted to see her dogs, in fact she encouraged it.

When my puppy Korbel was born three years ago she told me if I was able to that I could and should come visit often as it helps them in getting to know you and create that bond.  So I pretty much came to see her every week until I took Korbel home almost 8 weeks later. Diane selflessly made herself available to me and continues to make herself available to me and anyone who is interested in buying a puppy from her or who has already bought a pup from her.

Diane has raised Great Danes for most of her life and she has bred them for many years as well. She truly knows and loves this breed exceptionally well and I trust her completely! The abundance of time Diane, along with her granddaughter, Skyla, spends raising these puppies is absolutely immeasurable!!! From the first moment these puppies are born, they are coming from an extremely loving home and therefore, she insists that they go into a loving home in return!!!

There are many breeders around, however there are very few quality breeders like Diane Shutter who go that "extra mile". If you buy a  puppy from Diane, you are buying a large, healthy, beautiful Great Dane with the absolute best temperament who will love you unconditionally for many years to come!!! :)

Stevie Daleiden

Where do I start about Diane.... Never, ever when we decided to bring a new puppy home did I ever think I would come home with a puppy AND a friend!!

From the moment my husband contacted Diane, it was like she was a family friend! She immediately started sending us pictures of the pups, and did so pretty much every day until we were able to come and meet the puppies. When we arrived at her house, she instantly made us feel at home, and gave us all the time we needed to interact with the pups and decide which one was the perfect fit for our family. And things only got better from there!

Diane made sure we knew exactly how to get a hold of her if we had an questions or needed any advice. She added me as a Facebook friend so I could keep in touch with her and send her pictures as our Millie grew up. I have contacted Diane numerous times over the last year, and she has never made me feel like any question was a dumb question or like I was wasting her time. It is VERY obvious that Diane loves what she does and that she loves each and very one of her dogs as well as each and every liter of puppies.

We visited several breeders before choosing a pup from Diane and let me tell you there is a huge difference between someone who breeds for the business side of it and one who breeds for the love and reward it brings. Diane is definitely the latter of the two, You can tell she pours her heart and soul into it and that your puppy will be loved form the time it is born, until it goes home with you and beyond!

I can never thank Diane enough for all she has done for us as well as all she will continue to do for us in the future.

Who knows maybe we will even be bringing a new puppy home soon!!

Kelly and Cathy Brown

Update on the Browns

Since writing this they have brought home two new Danes from me. I told Cathy to be careful because having a Great Dane is like eating potato can't have just one.

My spouse and I went to Scott's All Animal Expo in Wheaton, Illinois oevr the summer. We had been discussing getting a puppy for a couple of months prior to this. I always wanted a really big dog so I brought up the idea of a Great Dane. So while walking around the expo we came across a stand with 8 week old Great Dane puppies. Our hearts immediately melted at the site of them. The owner of the puppies (Diane Shutter) answered every single question that we could think of. Diane also let us play with the puppies for about 30 minutes which was great. She didn't pressure us into buying and her main concern was the health and happiness of the puppies new homes. So after 30 minutes of talking Diane's ear off we got all of her contact information and we went home to give us some time to make sure we had the time and energy for a new puppy. After a couple of weeks we decided to make the decision and add a new puppy to our family.

We contacted Diane and set up a date to go see the puppies again. When we arrived we got to meet the mom and the dad of the puppies (beautiful dogs) and interact with them. We fell in love with one puppy in particular and made the decision to take him home. Diane was informative and made sure we had all the details needed to give this puppy the best life possible. It has now been over  a month since having our new puppy and we could not be happier. He is a rocket of energy and gives us his absolute love.

This has definitely been one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Chris Caballero and Jane Klewin


When picking a vet for your Great Dane make sure they have experience with the breed. There is nothing wrong with asking questions. Some vets deal with small animals and some with large animals. Some may have experience with both, but not Great Danes.

If you are local I suggest Forest South Animal Hospital. Personally I see Dr. Trudeau for all of my 6 Great Danes. They have a number of doctors that work there. Right now there are 9 I believe and they take appointments or walk ins and are able to handle any emergency.

You can't go wrong no matter which vet you get there but if your like me you will find a couple that fit your needs and always want them. You will notice the professionalism from the time you check in with one of the many receptionists to the tech you may deal with and the doctors who will care for your fur babies. They don't rush you and will answer all of your questions. They are friendly, courteous and caring.

When they were closing for a holiday weekend and I came in with one of our Danes for an emergency c-section the girls punched back in and and the c-section was done. No one complained and I was able to go back and help. It was awesome to be there for my female Sadie and help her babies come into this world. My husband was able to come in and watch. There are not too many vets like that who will let you back to either observe or help. I really can't say enough about the doctors there and their staff. Betsy is the manager and if you have any questions or concerns she is your go to person. She is a life saver and I don't know what I would do without her there. Always feel free to contact her. She is an exceptional person and i can't say enough about her.

I highly recommend this facility.

24341 Western Avenue

University Park, Ill 60484



When crate training and we highly recommend crate training we have bought all of our crates from CHEWY.COM.

Ultimately you will need  the XX Large. The cost right now is $99.00 from the usual $115.00. It is free delivery and 100% guaranteed. These are great people to work with and they have 24 hour phone service 7 days a week. We also have our dog food delivered to our door. We have found their prices to be better then most stores. The dog food we use for our pups up until they are 18 months old to 2 years old is Purina Pro Plan Focus puppy food for large breed. This is my recommendation. After that you can put them on whatever you like but we use the same brand and switch to adult giant breed.

CHEWY.COM has a wide variety of toys, bowls, leashes, collars etc. Please check them out and order a catalog from them. I think you will be really satisfied with their service. They are a great bunch of people and located in the Florida area.

I know some people are against crate training but I look at it like this when you have a 2 year old you set up boundaries to keep them safe. Some people put up gates so your kids can't go up the stairs or down the stairs unattended. The same is true of a puppy. They need boundaries so that they understand what they need to do and since Great Danes are all about pleasing you make it easy for them to do that by keeping them safe when you aren't around and assist them in their potty training. Our adult great Danes still have their crates and the doors are open most of the time and they love to go into them by themselves as they look at it as their den and their own space. It should be a pleasant place for them and not punishment.

QUESTIONS? Please ask me.

All of our Great Danes are AKC. When you purchase your puppy you will leave with a folder that contains your AKC registration, micro chip number (all of our puppies are micro-chipped), pamphlet from our vet with the shot record, wormings, your puppies weight and records of everything that was done. Also the folder will include all kinds of useful information on how to care for a Great Dane, complete with crate training and height and weight charts to keep track of how your puppy is growing.

It is a good idea not to buy rawhide bones especially when they are young. Rawhide pieces that are bit off can swell in their throat and can cause choking. Toys should not have bells in them or squeakers for the obvious reasons. They chew up the toy and can swallow those bells or squeakers.

Rope toys are great for them and generally I will send them home with one. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT play tug of war with the puppy. If you remember when you were young playing that game and how great it felt to pull the team you were playing against over the line well with Great Danes you will win when it is a puppy and they are very sensitive and will lose self esteem and you never want that to happen because these dogs learn from socialization who belongs around your family and who doesn't and you don't want hem to lose confidence and question themselves at any time. They will win when they are full grown and consider themselves the alpha in your home and  they need to recognize that you are the alpha.  I have a paper on this game in the folder. It also encourages aggressive behavior and Great Danes are gentle giants.

Never encourage jumping up. It is cute when they are little but when they are full grown it won't be. I have the grand kids sit on the floor and play with the puppies.

Socialization is key. Take them to parks, Pet Smart on walks etc. Let them see you mingle with people as they will read your body language and learn who you are comfortable with. They are highly intelligent and all about the family. They are not hyper dogs. All they want is your love and they are going to give it back to you ten fold. They just want to please you.

You will also go home with the food that they are on. Don't ever worry about what time I feed them. They are very adaptable and will adjust to your schedule.

I want you to feel comfortable calling me anytime you have a question not just before you get your puppy but after as well.